Forever Mentored

Forever Mentored is designed to inspire and strengthen abilities that eliminate underlying barriers that prevent positive decision making and outcomes. We believe that everyone has the potential to “Be Better and Do Better” despite their circumstances.

Program Objectives

Provide individual with the Word of God and success sessions for the youth.

Create and manage Individual Goal and Development Plans that are reviewed monthly for significant changes and improvements.

Facilitate enrichment groups and activities.

Identify and expose youth to cultural, educational, and social events and activities.

Conduct basic life skills workshops for financial management, budgeting and interpersonal interaction.

Provide the kids support for College & Vocational Exploration and Career/Job Interests.

Maintain relationships with outside collaborators, such as parole and probation officers, social service agencies if needed or required.

Provide timely interventions and return phone calls/react to situations in a timely manner.